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Catalytic Converters

Car Sound Exhaust System, Inc. is an aftermarket catalytic converter and performance exhaust manufacturing company that has been servicing the professional exhaust installer since 1979. As an ISO 9001 approved company, Car Sound has made a commitment to exceeding the needs of our customers by providing the highest quality products possible.

We here at Sherwood Exhaust have the ability to inspect your catalytic converter and test for accurate specification. We use infrared heat and back pressure testing. We as well use computer testings for both OB-I and II. Our expertise assures you that your catalytic converter is functioning at 100 percent. A proper working catalytic converter not only assures proper emission readings it also decreases the wear on your vehicles engine increasing your performance and gas mileage. We carry a full line of high performance, high flow converters in stock.

We also have the ability to inspect all components related to converter failure including; O2 sensors, EGR valve, incorrect fuel issues, and vehicle run ability , i.e. tune up plug wires, rotor cap, air filter, fuel filter, PCV, or leaky injectors. Stop by today if you just failed DEQ or you feel the run ability of your vehicles is not in proper working order.